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Transexual Bar Babes

Transexual Bar Babes - Erotic Transexual StoriesErotic Transexual Stories: Transexual Bar Babes — Every weekend my buddies and I go out drinking. We start off at the local pubs but always make it out to the larger dance clubs downtown. We are always picking strange women up to take home and bang. Sometimes we even take all our women to one place and have a nice gangbang. I bet you I’ve slept with over 1000 women. Not all of them were great, most of them weren’t even good. There was this one woman though, I bet I seen her every time we went out. She was built from head to toe.

Standing about six feet tall, maybe weighing about 160 lbs, and I bet her tits were at least a 36 DD. Her hair was shoulder length and the most beautiful auburn I had ever seen. I tried a few times to pick her up but she would have nothing to do with me.

Bar babes are the hottest chicks out there.

They all get themselves dolled up and smelling good. Showing lots of leg, hanging their boobs out, or showing almost everything leaving very little to the imagination. And talk about easy! Damn, I get sucked off at least 5 times a week just from the phone numbers I have collected at the clubs. But the one woman I most wanted ignored me every chance she got. I had to get between those legs, it became my mission in life.

Every time I saw her, I bought her drinks, smiled at her, asked her to dance, nothing seemed to be working. She did, however, start talking to me. Her name was Sandra. She ran her own business at home and had no kids. I thought she was perfect. She thought I was a complete idiot. But I’d show her, she was going to mine. I didn’t care what I had to do, I wanted to feel the inside of her and give her the hardest banging she’s ever had.

I finally got the nerve to ask her out for a bite to eat

Eight months after first seeing her, I finally got the nerve to ask her out for a bite to eat after the club closed. She said yes, in fact, she wanted to leave right away. I helped her with her coat and out we went. We took her car and to my surprise she parked down by the beach, and there was no restaurant by the beach. She turned off the motor but left the radio playing. Leaning toward me she kissed my lips gently, I grabbed her by the back of her head and jammed my tongue down her throat. Man, her lips were soft. I got so hard I almost blew my load before I could get my woody out of my pants.

Before I knew it she whipped around and with her back to me, she eased my knob into her bunghole. Wow, it felt like heaven as the feeling swept through my entire body. This woman really was amazing. As her body bounced up and down on me I had a good, tight grip on her breasts. I tried to move my hands down her body but she kept stopping me when I made it to her waist. Finally, I moved my hand quick between her legs to try and finger her but to my surprise I didn’t find a slit. This woman had a woody like me!

And to my surprise, I was more turned on than ever.

I was so overcome with horror at first, I couldn’t move. And to my surprise, I was more turned on than ever. She was a he, and he or she felt amazing. It was only moments and I exploded with a great intensity. She was next laying back in her seat and jerking herself to satisfaction. She was my first transexual experience.

I never did see her again even though she was truly the best sexual experience I had ever had. `One piece of advice though, if you ever get the chance to have a transexual, go for it, they know their way around a penis and they’ll blow more than your mind!

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