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Erotic transexual stories - ChristinaErotic Transexual Stories: Christina — Christina and I are the best of friends and as best friends, we tell each other everything. And I do mean everything. From our dirty little secrets to our hidden desires, nothing was left out. We were closer than most sisters and we had only known each other for a year. There was nothing we didn’t know about the other. Or so I thought.

Every weekend Christina and I went to the clubs and partied our asses off. Always dressing in our tightest, sexiest clothes, makeup, nails and hair done perfectly. Not to ring my own bell but we were hotties!

Dozens of men a week offering us free drinks and a good time.

And every week we had a different man to bring home. It was awesome. I was only 24 and she was 23 both of us a size 5 with 32 C breasts. She had long blonde hair that curled slightly on the ends and mine was long platinum blonde curls that reached past my bra line. Both of us had dark tans with no tan lines, at least I assumed she had no tan lines as I had only seen her naked from the waist up. We were gorgeous.

We always shared our sex stories but never our men. On several occasions, I had wondered what she was like in bed and even found myself fantasizing about her and I picking up a guy and doing him at the same time. I could picture it all perfectly in my head. Christine and I undressing each other as the guy watches, playing with himself. I would slowly rub her soft body down with my hands and lick her all the way from between her legs to each one of her large nipples. And then get the same in return.

He started joking about how nice it would be to see the two of us getting it on.

This one weekend we went out and it happened, we finally picked up a man together. He started joking about how nice it would be to see the two of us getting it on. To my surprise, Christina spoke up first saying how much she had always wanted me but was too shy to tell me. I felt the excitement rise from between my legs just thinking of how much I wanted to see her naked. I wanted to feel her soft body caressing mine and her moist slit inviting my mouth to bring her to ecstasy as she got filled up by his manly presence.

“Ok, well let’s get going ladies, you both have a fantasy to fulfill of mine”, smoothly the words came out as he took each of us by our hands and lead us to the door of his from the cab. We started the moment we stepped into the house, all of us stripping off our clothes and tossing them about. Christina looked at me as if she was regretting her decision to come here and do this. So I went right up to her and gently placed my lips on hers, kissing her softly, slowly running my tongue over her lips. She grabs at the mounds on my chest and then took off her tight t-shirt which revealed her bare chest with no bra.

“There is something I should have told you before this”, she whispered in my ear as she removed her jeans. I couldn’t believe what I saw after that, she had a dick and I never knew. I guess we hadn’t told each other everything. But in some strange way that turned me on even more. The guy must have known because he was still grinning while he played with his rock hard member between his legs. I instantly touched Christina between her legs rubbing her to hardness.

“Ahhhh…Yeah, suck it in baby…”, she moaned loudly as I pulled her into my mouth.

Suddenly I felt the young stranger at my behind ready to fill my bunghole as Christina pulled me on top of her. Straddling her massive man toy, I was about to be filled to the brim. What a night! I knew I was in for the best and kinkiest sex of my life.

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