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Transexual Fetish - Erotic StoriesTransexual Fetish: Erotic Transexual Stories — David stood about six foot five inches. He was a stockbroker living right in the heart of Manhattan. Always dressed in the best suits and his hair styled to perfection, even his nails were manicured. David just turned thirty-six and was in his prime. He enjoyed the company of women but had a fetish for the more exotic. Although he was a polished businessman on the outside, he was an obscene man when it came to his sexually deviant side.

By day David could talk anyone into anything. He was a serious businessman, always knowing what he wanted and stopping at nothing to accomplish it.

In his sex life he was the same. When he focused in on a woman, he went for her and always got her. He had a way of making women feel sexy about themselves then turn the tables by using them and doing dirty things to them. He would humiliate them, forcing them to abuse him. Deep down he knew it wasn’t the women he wanted. He wanted a sexy shemale to dominate and abuse him. One to become his Mistress and rule his nights, like he ruled people during the day.

Looking for transexual lovers to fulfill his needs.

He would venture out on the streets at night looking for transexual lovers to fulfill his needs. Every time he went out and found one, they’d end up being something other than what he wanted. He needed the perfect transsexual to be his Mistress and his lover. She would have to be all woman except for that one thing between her legs.

One night he finally got lucky and found the perfect shemale companion. She was walking down the boulevard with a long cigarette in her lips. He noticed her long blonde hair first, it was amazing. Then as she turned toward him he made note of the feminine qualities of her beautiful face. The high cheekbones, pouting lips and her bedroom eyes. He began to think that she was actually just another woman.

She bent down and stuck her head into the passenger side window of my car, a sexy smile came across her face sending waves of hunger through his body. “You looking for something mister?” Her voice seemed to sing the words out to him. David reached over and opened the door, “Get in.” As she lowered herself down onto the seat he reached over and grabbed between her legs. She jumped back looking like she was going to spank him right across the face. “Sorry I had to make sure you were exactly what I wanted.” “So? Am I what you’re looking for?” The anger was evident in her voice as she snapped the questions back at him. He placed his gentle, reassuring hand on her leg, “Yes, you are everything.”

Smiling to himself he put the car in drive and headed toward home.

His apartment was warm and inviting, full of all the luxuries money could buy. She looked around with wonderment at how fancy this place was. She made her way into the living room and took a seat on the leather chair positioned in the corner by the balcony doors. David came from the bedroom with leather stir-ups, bra and mask, throwing them toward the transsexual hooker. He was already dressed in crotchless leather shorts and a tight leather tank top, leather bracelets around his wrists and a tight leather collar around his neck. She put on the outfit in front of him and took a firm grip on his leash. She pulled at him so hard he landed on his knees and crawled behind her.

When they got to the bedroom she forced him down onto the bed and restrained his leather-bound wrists to the headboard. With whip in hand, she proceeded to make him cry out in pain, calling him names and humiliating him. He loved it, his excitement rose to the point of no return. Crying out in pleasure he exploded wildly. She whipped him for it because it was not commanded of him, which just got him more excited.

He rolled toward her and knew he had found his true Mistress.

As the sun rose the next morning, she woke him with a hot cup of coffee and toast. He rolled toward her and knew he had found his true Mistress.

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