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Transexual Cheerleader

Transexual Cheerleader - Erotic StoriesTransexual Cheerleader: Erotic Transexual Stories — Marcus, the football team quarterback, was well known at the university as the “most datable on campus”, and he had had his share of women. From the nice virginly freshman, to the hottest senior whores. It was no wonder that he was so popular. 6’4, 240 pounds of pure muscle. He was a dark haired and dark eyed greek god of a man that caught my eye the first day at school.

I’m Lei, an Asian transsexual, but I’ve been blessed with soft, feminine features and pass easily. After high school, I made the transition to full-time female. I was a University transfer. My other school proved to be a place where morals were held high and parties were frowned at. I consider myself a very intelligent person, but I love to party just as much as I love to study, so I transferred, and whew, after seeing Marcus, I was definitely glad about the decision.

The California sun welcomed me, and I made friends fast. Hovering around the football field, I was encouraged by the other cheerleaders to try out. They all thought my good looks and slight build would be good for their team. They thought my Asian eyes and hair would add a little something too. I have to admit I was hoping for this, being a cheerleader I would be able to see Marcus frequently, and hopefully connect with him. I easily made the team.

It didn’t take long for Marcus to start noticing me.

I made sure my uniform skirt was hiked up a little higher than normal when I knew he was going to be around. Not to mention, even with being Asian, my breast were full and perfectly round, making my top stretch enticingly. The first time he spoke to me was a practice for the football team. I was there, hanging out with some other cheerleaders, just watching the action, when he approached the group. The other girls knew him, and his reputation, so they weren’t too impressed. I knew his reputation too, however, I was hoping he would live up to it. “Hey Lei.” He started. God, he was HOT, wearing skin tight practice pants that showed every BULGE. I stared openly at his enormous crotch, making sure he would notice. He did. He grabbed his balls for me, making me moan out loud. The other girls decided this would be a good time to go, so they left us alone.

I pulled my top low, so he could get a good shot at my cleavage. He was almost drooling! Now was the time to REALLY make my move. I leaned closer to him and whispered, “Is it true that you fucked some girl under these very bleachers?” I purred. He swallowed, “One or two.”

I put my hand on his crotch and squeezed gently, but firmly.

He was already hard, very hard. I felt my heart start to pound with anticipation.”I want to suck your big cock.” I told him point blank. His eyebrows rose. “Let’s go somewhere.”

We quickly ran underneath, no one in sight. It didn’t take him long to drop his pants as I kneeled before him. His cock was big, eight, possibly nine inches. Rock hard. I slipped my lips around the head and my hand circled the shaft. He was trembling and moaning deep as I started to slide my mouth up and down.

“Oh my god that’s hot. That’s good. Suck my cock.” He moaned. I slurped and sucked while my hand moved up and down. “I’m gonna come!” He yelled. Oh no, not yet. I pulled my mouth off his cock and dropped my panties, my own neatly tucked away dick springing out for him to see.

“Holy Shit!” He screamed. “You’re a fucking guy!”

“Well, sort of,” I said, “and I want your cock shooting into my ass.” I turned around in front of him and rubbed my ass on his prick suggestively. It felt sooooo good, but I wanted it inside me. “You want me to fuck your ass?” He asked me. I noticed he hadn’t moved away. “Yeah, you fucking hot bastard. Stick your hot cock up my tight ass.” I said, in the most sensual voice. I pushed up against him again, rubbing his dick roughly with my ass.

“You gonna tell anyone?” He was nervous, but he wanted it, I could tell. “They all think I’m a chick. You fuck me, you fuck me, you don’t have to tell them I have a cock. Just tell them I have a tight ass.” I was shaking I wanted it so bad! “Awwwwright, yeah, they won’t know.” He had convinced himself.

I felt the head of his cock at my asshole. He pushed himself deeper, going slowly at first, but he was very excited so all of a sudden he just SHOVED it in. OH, MY GOD! He filled my ass with his big cock. It went so deep inside me! He started pumping me faster and faster. I had to grab one of the bars to steady myself. His hands were squeezing my tits as he fucked me. “You fucking bitch!” He screamed as he slid in and out of me. “I’m gonna cum in your fucking ass!”

“Do it baby!” I yelled back. “CUM IN MY ASS!”

He pushed in hard, then I felt his spunk shoot deep into me. “I’m cumming!!!” He screamed. I was jacking myself off and reached orgasm almost at the same time. FUCK he was GOOD! I turned around after he slid out and kissed him, teasing his tongue with mine.

“You want to do it again hot stuff,” I said, rubbing his now flaccid cock, “You just look me up. I’ll be happy to take it from you whenever you want to give it.” H grabbed me by the hair, roughly. “You take it when I say, and you suck my cock when I say, and you better NEVER tell anybody you’re a fucking guy!” He told me. I nodded, he was hurting me. He backed off and pulled up his pants. After he walked away, I looked at my watch. Hmmm, twenty minutes to five. I hope the linebacker is still around!

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