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Transexual Encounter

Transexual Encounter - Erotic StoriesTransexual Encounter: Erotic Transexual Stories — It figures, on days I have a lot of clients, it’s sunny and when I only have two it rains”, Jim said to himself as he was getting out of his, ‘Plumbers R Us’, Van.

It was a slow day for Jim and it’d probably be a quick one too. One of those days you call up your buddies and head over to the local tavern to have a beer. Things had been rough for Jim these past few months, what with his wife and kids moving out on him. And now not enough work to pay the bills. At least he had work, it was more than he could say for most of his friends. Guess he was lucky in that way.

The first job only took Jim about forty minutes. It was just a broken kitchen faucet, nothing to fix. The work order for the next job looked easy too. All he had to do there was replace some dripping pipes under the bathroom sink. Not even a fifteen minute job. Then he’d be off to the bar to waste the rest of this miserable day away.

When he pulled up to the next house there was a woman outside calling for her dog. She was totally rain soaked and he could help but notice that she didn’t have a bra on underneath her white blouse. Her shorts were also wet and sticking to her like a second skin. He felt a twinge of excitement well up in his pants and she noticed it also.

As she led him into the house, a smile came across her face…

Reaching out her hand to greet the rough stranger Diane said, “Hi, you must be Jim, my trusted plumber here to save the day. Please come in and I’ll get us a cup of coffee before you get started if you’re not in a big hurry.” As she led him into the house, a smile came across her face knowing how turned on this man was to see her standing there wet from the rain.

“That sounds good, I’d love a cup of coffee.” Jim tried to control the movement in his pants but this woman was incredible.

When Jim went into the house Diane lead him to the living room and went to get their coffee. She came back with two full cups in her hands and a shirt tossed over her shoulder. She put the cups down on the table and undressed right in front of the friendly stranger. Jim took his cup and lowered his head to stare into it, he tried not to watch but couldn’t help looking at her firm, naked breasts. She removed everything but her panties which showed a small bulge. He almost couldn’t take it anymore, watching while she put on her dry shirt but no pants.

Diane slowly lowered herself onto the couch beside the plumber, sitting close to him she felt her own desire grow for this man to take her right there on the living room floor. But Jim insisted on having a meaningless conversation about the weather, he felt awkward sitting beside a half-naked woman. Especially this one; he found her irresistible. It had been over three months since Jim had been with a woman. He quickly found his need to have her growing. He placed his cup down on the table and turned in her direction, putting his hand on her leg.

“Really Jim, I’m a shemale, I have a penis!”

“I don’t know if you want to do this Jim”, Diane spoke in a low tone as he brought his face toward hers. “Really Jim, I’m a shemale, I have a penis!”

Jim didn’t care, he started putting his hands all over her, they ventured between her legs and a rush heat went over Diane like never before. He pulled off his own clothes then moved to hers, pulling down her panties and ripping her shirt from over her head exposing her supple breasts. Jim had never seen a shemale before but he really liked what he was looking at right now. He rubbed between her legs while licking her protruding nipples.

Diane lowered herself down onto the carpet and pulled her legs back, inviting Jim to join her. He fell to his knees while holding his piece in his hands guiding it toward her. It was tight and exhilarating. Her nails ran up and down his back like the claws of a wild animal driving him to the edge of ecstasy.

Every week something new seemed to break at Diane’s house, the neighbors noticed the ‘Plumbers R Us’ Van quite often from that day on. Jim was happy too, his business seemed to quadruple in the weeks following his first shemale encounter.

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