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Erotic transexual stories - KendraErotic Transexual Stories: Kendra — Kendra started running her bath water, dropping bath beads in and lighting some scented candles. As her tub filled she grabbed a cup of bedtime tea and began to get undressed. She could still feel the men inside her, their pulsing members covering her with their juices. The thought of it made her feel like she needed to scrub her body hard to get rid of their filth.

As Kendra lay in the bath she closed her eyes imaging a man there with her. She envisioned him taking a hold of her feet and rubbing each one of them from the heel to the toes, taking each toe one at a time and kissing it.

Kendra let out a long groan of pleasure as if she could feel the strong hands on her. Up her calves to her thighs she felt the warm sensation rise through her groin area causing her to grow tall and hard.

Not only did she have a great set of implants but she had her very own tool!

You see Kendra was a transsexual so not only did she have a great set of implants but she had her very own tool! The bath water started to get quite cold even though Kendra was very heated and feeling quite passionate. Wrapping a towel around her body and one about her head she walked out to the kitchen to freshen up her tea. Sliding her feet into her slippers she cozied up onto the couch with an erotic book in hand.

The heat from the fireplace made her feel warm and not so alone. As a shemale hooker, life could get very lonely, especially at night when all the Johns were gone and she was back in her cozy dwelling with no one to greet her at the door or kiss her goodnight before going to bed.

In her dream, she saw a man, tall and dark, with eyes blue as the sky.

Halfway into the book Kendra’s eyes began to close as she was pulled into a dreamland beyond her reality. In her dream, she saw a man, tall and dark, with eyes blue as the sky. His stare was captivating, it called to her. His arms swung open as he started toward her in a slow run. She ran to him in return. Everything happening in slow motion she was able to take in the moment very clearly. Once together, their bodies melted into one as they held each other closely, their lips quickly coming together hard and fast.

He pulled off her midnight black gown to reveal her growing excitement. Lowering himself to his knees, he looked up at her from between her legs never caring that she was actually a he. That turned Kendra on more than anything, to find a man who loved her for her. Things became very sexual between to two of them, one pleased the other then they switched off, each of them feeling the joys of their exploding pleasures.

‘What a book!’

Kendra woke up with a large grin on her face and feeling completely satisfied. ‘What a book!’ She thought to herself as she walked toward her room to pick out her next outfit for this evening’s clients. Just another night in the life of this transexual hooker.

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